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4 Popular Telecommunication Jobs

Ever since Graham bell discovered the phone, the telecommunication industry has grown massively. Today it presents thousands and thousands job opportunities every day. Hence if you were looking forward to joining the community, you have made a good decision. But what’s the next step?  

Here are 4 amazing telecommunication jobs for you! 

Customer-care respondent 

Being one of the very popular telecom jobs in Thailand ever since, the need of personnel for customer service has always been there. This is one of the services that are prioritized in almost every globally recognized organizations. Whenever your clients have a problem with a product or a service that you sell, they would want help to fix it themselves or even to make a complaint, so another client won’t be dissatisfied in the same way. Hence, the customer care unit of any company is probably the closest pathway to connect with the opinions of the customers.  

Telecommunication engineer 

Engineering sector of any business organization is highly paid. Sometimes it’s not merely the monetary payments but also the bonus benefits. The job of a telecommunication engineer revolves different modes of communication such as radio and satellite communications, broadband technologies and even wireless telephony services; you are supposed to take care of complex infra structural facilities in an organization usually. It fundamentally requires an undergraduate degree in telecommunications, computer sciences or electronic engineering. 

Sales and marketing professional 

The basic task of these people is to make sales, often over the phone. You are supposed to sit in your little space and call all kinds of customers one after the other and keep going on. It’s an occupation where you need to have patience and the ability to repeat the same for million times over the phone as if each time was the first. Typically, recruitment companies in Thailand try to gather more and more individuals to their directories so that they can fulfill the number of workers that they are asked to. But in order to get their attention, you need to adequate qualifications. That way, you will be noticed and picked. 

Administrational specialist 

The heart of any business is its administration. If it ran well, the business runs well. The job description of a telecommunication administrator could be a side responsibility of an engineer or an analyst too. But the main job that has to be delivered under this post is taking care of the important decisions in the business, network infrastructure and telecommunication services. 

It’s a vast field there are more than these 4 popular jobs. Finding the best job for you isn’t a hard task. You only have to do your research and understand of your capabilities.